Love Story

Dara + Nick

Dara and Nick started out as casual acquaintances. They were neighbors in an apartment complex in Delray Beach and would occasionally run into each other. Perhaps Nick didn't make much of a first impression because Dara routinely forgot his name and had to be reminded. The two gradually developed a friendship which later led to dating.

After two years of dating, Dara became pregnant. At that time there was talk of marriage but no proposal. The couple agreed to wait until their baby was one year old. They figured that if their relationship remained strong after a year of parenthood, they would have a great shot at a successful marriage.

Dara and Nick were blessed with a beautiful baby girl and one day after her first birthday, the couple were on a hike at Cat Rocks in Pawling, New York. While Nick was photographing Dara, he asked her to take photos of him, atypical behavior for Nick. As soon as Dara took her first photo, Nick went down on one knee. She had removed her glasses for her portraits and couldn't make out what he was holding but felt it was distracting and asked him to move the object out of the frame. When Nick proceeded to give Dara all of the reasons he felt they should be married, she realized that it was her grandmother's wedding ring which, to her surprise, he had had repaired and embellished with diamonds. Because Dara was so caught up in what Nick was saying, she never actually gave him an answer  which prompted him to say, “So you’re saying yes, right?”.  Dara’s reply was, “Obviously! Yes!!”

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